Jenneoby Environmental & Laboratory Services Integrated Management System Certification Project

Jenneoby Environmental & Laboratory Services Integrated Management System Certification Project

ISO Management Systems

Jenneoby Environmental and Laboratory Services Limited (JELS) is an environmental and sustainable development management services company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The business has grown from a simple start-up to a company that now employs over 30 people to provide services across Nigeria.

As the business grew, managing director Helen Onyeri realized that she needed to put stronger processes in place to drive the company forward and scale operations. She therefore turned to an Integrated Management System (IMS) encompassing a Quality Management System (QMS), Occupational Health & Safety Management System (EMS) and an Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to become certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2018 standards.

The Top Management also opted to control the organization’s management systems, cloud-based platforms that allow users to amend and upload documents, assign tasks and access guides, videos and manage projects efficiently.

The QMS aligned with ISO 9001 is designed to help businesses like JELS to put quality and customer satisfaction at the very forefront of their operations. This can help businesses to boost efficiency and productivity, as well as win and retain customers.

The EMS aligned with ISO 14001 is the standard of best practice for environmental management. Thanks to its robust system of processes, organizations can control and monitor their environmental impact while also exploring ways of reducing it.

The OHSMS aligned with ISO 45001 is the standard of best practice for occupational health & safety management. This helps ensure that effective controls are in place to minimize health and safety incidents and the associated costs, achieve compliance and effectively management risks.

The consultants talked JELS through everything and made sure that they created documentation were adequately integrated with the company’s business processes. “It was not a difficult process,” said Cynthia Chika, “but it would have been three months of being lost and not knowing what to do if we had gone elsewhere. It was a smooth and methodical process. I expected it to be a complex project deal, it sounded intimidating, but it really was not.”

The access to the Document Management System, it also made the process of implementation smoother for JELS. “I always know where I am up to and what I need to do next. Within a few minutes I have got an action plan put together. It means I get to do the job better and ensure compliance – it is perfect for that,” said Cynthia Chika.

Since implementing the standards, the company’s environmental commitments, quality and occupational health & safety goals have been more clearly communicated. Operations are also more closely monitored, and improvements identified to push the company’s performance.

“The ISO certifications have given us a better platform to scale from,” added Helen Onyeri. I think new businesses will come from it and confidence will come from the company. It shows commitment to our clients too – it shows that we are trying to be better and that we have things in place now to ensure we are working and operating professionally.

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